GIGABYTE Intel Ci5 9400F 2.90GHZ LGA1151 9MB 14NM+ Gigabyte H310M-S2H 1151 DDR4 (BUN-9400F-H310-3)

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Intel Ci5 9400F 2.90GHZ LGA1151 9MB 14NM+ Gigabyte H310M-S2H 1151 DDR4
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GIGABYTE 8 Series Motherboards
GIGABYTE 8 Series motherboards support the latest 4th Generation Intel® Core™ processors, bringing together a unique blend of features and technologies that offer the absolute ultimate platform for your next PC build. From high current capable digital power delivery, performance-enhancing caching technologies, exclusive high-end audio features, advanced networking and device charging, gold plated hardware connectors and of course, killer good looks, GIGABYTE 8 series motherboards are in a class of their own.

Next Gen Intel® 8 Series Platform
The latest Intel 8 Series platform offers significant improvements in performance and power consumption with the latest 4th generation Intel® Core™ processors and Intel® Z87 chipsets. As well as a boost in overall productivity, the latest HD4600 Intel® processor graphics provide native 4K resolution playback over standard HDMI connectivity, with significantly higher frame rates in the latest DX11 3D game titles.
GIGABYTE Ultra Durable™ 4 Plus
GIGABYTE Ultra Durable™ 4 Plus debuts on GIGABYTE 8 Series motherboards, with a range of features and component choices that provide record-breaking performance, cool and efficient operation and extended motherboard lifespan.
Ultra Performance
GIGABYTE uses All Solid Caps (Capacitors) and Low RDS(on) MOSFETs which are rated to work at higher temperatures, providing up to 50,000* hour component lifespan.
Ultra Safe
GIGABYTE motherboards feature GIGABYTE DualBIOS™, an exclusive technology from GIGABYTE that protects arguably one of your PC's most crucial components, the BIOS. GIGABYTE DualBIOS™ means that your motherboard has both a 'Main BIOS' and a 'Backup BIOS', making users protected from BIOS failure due to virus attack, hardware malfunction, improper OC settings or power failure during the update process.
High ESD Protection for USB and LAN
GIGABYTE 8 Series motherboards raise the bar in terms of protecting your system, providing advanced electrostatic discharge (ESD) protection for both your Ethernet LAN and USB ports, both common sources of ESD-related failures. Each LAN and USB port is paired with a dedicated protection filter that can withstand high electrostatic discharges, protecting your system from common electrical surges and even direct lighting strikes.
HDMI™ - The Next Generation Multimedia Interface
HDMI™ is a High-Definition Multimedia Interface which provides up to 5Gb/s video transmitting bandwidth and 8-channel high quality audio all through a single cable. Able to transmit superior, uncompressed digital video and audio, HDMI™ ensures the crispest rendering of digital content up to 1080p without the quality losses associated with analog interfaces and their digital-to-analog conversion. In addition, HDMI™ is compatible with HDCP (High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection), allowing the playback of Blu-ray/HD DVD and other protected media content.
DVI Support
DVI (Digital Visual Interface) is a video interface standard designed for carrying uncompressed digital video data and to maximize the visual quality of digital display devices, such as LCD monitors, digital projectors, and so on. In addition, the DVI interface is compatible with HDCP (High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection).
One Fuse per USB Port
On GIGABYTE 8 Series motherboards each USB port has its own dedicated power fuse that prevents unwanted USB port failure, helping to safe guard your important data during transfer

GIGABYTE, Her bir USB Portu için bağımsız Sigorta tasarımı Geleneksel, birden çok USB Portu için tek sigortalı tasarım
3180.jpg 3181.jpg
On/Off Charge Technology
GIGABYTE On/Off Charge technology allows you to charge your iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch regardless of whether your PC is on, in standby mode or even off. A derivative of GIGABYTE's highly acclaimed 3x USB Power feature, On/Off Charge enables devices to draw more current from GIGABYTE motherboard USB ports than standard USB ports allow, so that charging from your PC can be as fast as with a charger...more
Note: Due to certain mobile phone limitations, users may need to connect the mobile phone to their PC before the PC enters S4/S5 mode to enable a quick charge from non On/Off Charge USB ports. Charging results may vary by model.
*Whether to support 3X USB power design, it may vary by models.
On/Off Charge Driver download
LAN Optimizer - Intelligent optimization network management tool
GIGABYTE LAN Optimizer is designed to allow the user to manage different types of network traffic so that data streams such as HD media, web browsing or online gaming can be prioritized, taking precedence over large data downloads that tend to strangle overall network bandwidth.
GIGABYTE App Center gives you easy access to wealth of GIGABYTE apps that help you get the most from your GIGABYTE motherboard. Using a simple, unified user interface, GIGABYTE App Center allows you to launch all GIGABYTE apps installed on your system.
The new and updated GIGABYTE @BIOS app allows you to update your system's BIOS from within Windows using a simple and slick graphical user interface by automatically downloading the latest version from the GIGABYTE servers. 3187.jpg
GIGABYTE EZ Setup combines several key utilities designed to simplify install and configuration procedures for several exclusive GIGABYTE apps including Disk Mode Switch, Smart Connect, EZ Rapid Start and EZ Smart response.
Intel® Small Business Advantage

GIGABYTE motherboards possess a range of features that are designed to offer vastly improved and simplified control over unmanaged IT infrastructure, with specific focus on security, data backup and raising productivity levels overall.

Monitor critical software below the OS
Run after hours— even if PC is off
Run after hours—even if PC is off
  2492.jpg ENERGY SAVER
Automatically power on each morning
2490.jpg USB BLOCKER
Block unwanted USB device classes
  2493.jpg Intel® WIRELESS DISPLAY
Share and collaborate, wirelessly
(with Intel Wi-Fi module only)*
*GIGABYTE motherboards can support Intel® Wireless display only when combined with an appropriate Intel Wi-Fi module.
• Simple and easy-to-use interface that allows users to fine-tune their system settings • Adjust system and memory clocks and voltages in a Windows environment • System-related information display without the need to install additional software


GIGABYTE Smart Fan 2
As well as offering more system fans than ever before, GIGABYTE 8 Series motherboards feature updated and improved CPU and system fan speed controls, with individual airflow and speed settings available via a dedicated digital controller. GIGABYTE Smart Fan 2 allows you to configure CPU fans and system fans.
* Burada sağlanan tüm materyaller yalnızca referans içindir. GIGABYTE ürün teknik özelliklerinde ve ürün ile ilgili bilgilerde haber vermeden önce değişiklik yapma hakkını saklı tutar.
* Belirtilen performans, ara yüz özelliklerini belirleyen yonga seti üreticilerinden veya kurumlarından alınan maksimum teorik ara yüz değerlerine dayanır. Gerçek performans sistem üzerinde kullanılan bileşenlere göre değişkenlik gösterebilir.
* Tüm ticari markalar ve logolar, kendi sahiplerinin mülkiyetindedir.
* Standart PC mimarisi sınırlamaları nedeniyle, bellek miktarının bir kısmı sistem kullanımı için ayrılır ve gerçek bellek boyutu olması gerekenden daha az gösterilir.


Veri Sayfası

Satış Garanti Süresi (ay)
USB 2.0
6 Adet
USB 3.1
4 Adet
İşlemci Soket Tipi
1151 (300 Serisi)
Chip Set
Intel H310
Ram Slot Sayısı
2 Adet
Max Ram Desteği
RAM Tipi
Ram Frekans Hızı
2133 MHz,2400 MHz,2666 MHz
İşlemci Desteği
Intel Pentium,Intel Celeron,Intel Core i7,Intel Core i5,Intel Core i3,Intel Core i9
Anakart Boyutu
Micro ATX
PCI Express 3.0 x16
1 Adet
PCI Express x1
2 Adet
Sata 6Gb/s
4 Adet
Lan Hızı
Ses Chip Set
Realtek ALC887
Ses Kanal Sayısı
7.1 Kanal
M.2 Slotu

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